Mike Tyson becomes cannabis ambassador for Malawi

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Miike Tyson – Former World Heavyweight Champion becomes official ambassador of cannabis for Malawi cannabis industry.

Lobin Lowe – The Minister of Agriculture in Malawi, sent a letter to Mike Tyson inviting him to take up the role, and added that the legalization of cannabis in the country has created new opportunities.

Lobin has also encouraged cannabis farmers in a recent workshop for farmers, to form cooperatives to strengthen their bargaining power and that cannabis is viewed as one of the country’s major agricultural export strategy to contribute to domestic development.

Tyson is a successful cannabis entrepreneur and is launching his own cannabis line. Tyson 2.0 on black Friday in partnership with Columbia care Inc. (NEO:CCHW) at Colorado dispensary, The Green Solution.

But, Malawi may not get it alone as the industry is complex and best requires collaborations.

Lowe wtote in the invitation according to reports by BBC;
“I will therefore like to appoint you, Mr Mike Tyson as Malawi cannabis branch ambassador” as gathered by Naija Catapult.

He said; The US Cannabis Association was facilitating the deal with Tyson.

Wezi Ngakamila, the head of the Association in Malawi branch said; Tyson had accepted the invitation and plans are were underway for him to visit the country.
“Tyson will be working with us” Ngakamila said.

Meanwhile, Malawi legalized the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medicinal use in 2020.

The government of Malawi hopes with Tyson influence and backing to ” to rope in investors and potential buyers, ministry spokesman Gracian Lungu said according to AFP news agency as gathered by Naija Catapult.

The government of Malawi have licenced 72 companies already, both local and international to grow and produce cannabis in the country according to the chairman of Malawi Cannabis Regulatory Authority – Boniface Kadzamira.

Thus, ‘Malawi gold’ which is a locally grown variety of cannabis is already renowned bye recreational users across the world.


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