How backyard farming can improve health and boost food supply

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Backyard farming is a type of urban agricultural farming.

Farming and gardening in the backyard involves the growing of food on home property. The products from this type of farming is mostly shared among family, friends and neighbors, and typically leads to food surplus.

Backyard farming is very beneficial to communities as neighbors can share each other backyard and employ different method of farming technique leading to high yield in production. The food can also be stored and preserved.

The consistent drift from rural to urban areas in search of greener pastures and white cola jobs has continued to set the pace leading to food inflation.

More people migrating to the cities calls for increase in food production proportionally to the growing population in the urban centres and cities.

The vision of food security in the cities need to come to limelight as many force themselves to live in the cities without creating their food security mines, thus leading to increase in poor people in the urban centres than in the rural areas.

Food value system in urban areas and cities to integrate the full components of agro – including plants and livestock farming to control and reduce the alarming hunger trends must be created and implement by the government, relevant bodies, private individuals and you to make the society food sufficient. Everyone should be involved for a better and fast result.

Backyard farming, city farming, urban farming, pot farming, are all advanced agro avenues that can enable the reverse of food inflation and increase availability of food for consumption, production, boost the ecosystem, improve the economy and bring a balanced margin in health. And in turn make our society food sufficient and secured.

Benefits Of Backyard Farming

1. Maintains food nutrient contents

2. Income generation

3. Innovative techniques

4. Reduce carbon emissions

5. Increase food security

6. Land integration

7. Creates availability of fresh foods for good health

8. Creates urban food security

9. Boost creative innovation

10. Enables maintaining of cultures

11. Improves unity among community members

12. It brings about new crop development

The city region food system is sustainable when evey individual not just the government takes part in playing their roles appropriately towards one mission.

Thus, food scarcity and some health challenges can be avoided if more people do small scale backyard farming.


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