How to produce homemade cassava flour

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The is the step by step process on how to make cassava flour for healthy consumption.

One – Select The Roots

Get healthy, mature, firm, freshly harvested cassava roots without bruises. The flesh of the roots Should be white with no cracking and few Fibrous roots. Making sure they are healthy and free from any plant disease and pest.

Two – Peeling

Peel and remove the stalk, woody tips and any fibrous roots using a sharp knife. The cassava peels after drying can be used for animal feed or composting too. Nothing is a waste in cassava flour production.

Three – Washing

Wash peeled cassava roots with clean water any traceable dirts including sand, soil, leaves and other impurities.

Four – Grating

Grate with simple perforated Iron or mechanical grater into a fine mash.

Five – Pressing

Pack the grated cassava mash into a a clean bag such as a sisal sack that would allow extra water to escape. Press using a screw and hydraulic jack to remove excess water until the cassava is crumbly.

Six – Drying

Spread the pressed cassava mash thinly on a clean black plastic sheet placed on a gentle slope in full sun until it is very floury. Cover with netting to keep off flies and birds.

Seven – Milling

Mill the dry cassava mash to produce flour. Milling can be done using a hammer mill or local posho mill.

Eight – Sifting

Using a simple homemade sieve, sift the mill flour to remove fibrous materials and any lumps. Making sure it is smooth and silky dry.

Nine – Packing And Storing

Pack sifted cassava flour in airtight moisture proof black plastic bags. Seal the bag using a burning candle or an electrical polysealer Now label with date of manufacture and expiry date of after months. Pack bags in a carton to protect them from direct light. This would maintain the nutritional value.

Store the cartons in a well ventilated, cool, dry place. The packaged flour will keep for about six months with good quality.

However, make sure to follow the nine steps accordingly as listed above for the best result and outcome.


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