5 Agro business to outburst your wealth in a short period

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There are numerous Agricultural business ideas that can add to your wealth.

Here are five agriculture business that would grow your wealth in no time;


Rabbit farming is one of the most profitable and lucrative animal husbandry business with fast increase in production,, as well as finance. The reproduction cycle is within three to four months, consumption from seven to eight weeks, cheaper to feed etc.

The demand for meat consumption in the country is very high and needs more supply, especially healthy meat. Rabbit can be a great alternative red unhealthy meats like beef from cow, Chevon from goat and alot others.


Fish farming is a very lucrative business to start in Nigeria. The demand for fish consumption is high and there’s still not enough supply in circulation. You can build a concrete pond, tarpaulin or earthen on a small or considerable amount of space, fertilizing the pond, stocking it with fingerlings in good water and then feeding the tilapia or catfish till market size.


Snail farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Snails make no noise, takes little space and the cost of setting it up is small. It is one of the simplest farming you can think of. All you need do is to feed your snails in the evening, clean up their pen and still have enough time to do other things.


The most common vegetables farmed in Nigeria includes Waterleaf, bitter leaf, Ugwu, Ewedu etc. Ugwu is one of the most profitable vegetables to farm in Nigeria because it is high in demand all year round and consumed by most tribes in Nigeria. It can even be farmed on small scale at your backyard provided the allocated land is favorable for its growth. Read up online to see how you can start farming vegetables as a side hustle from home.


Tomato farming is another fast-selling agro-business in Nigeria and some other parts of the world. This is because due to the fact that there a lot of people that eats this kind of vegetable all year round.

Tomato farming is predominantly done in the northern Nigeria and also in the southern part of Nigeria. Today, a lot of people even cultivate tomato as a result of increase in demand. Read up online to check on how you can start farming tomatoes on a small scale as a side hustle. Businesses In Agriculture That Would Make You Rich In A Short Time.

There are alot of Agro business ideas that are flexible and can be combined with other jobs to grow or add to your wealth.


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