Two pitfalls to watch out for when trading crypto-currencies

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There are two things you must avoid if you want to be a success in cryptocurrency training

1. Trees don’t grow into the sky

Do trees really grow into the sky?
So profits do not keep growing forever. But unfortunately many traders expect their open positions to just keep rising, but all markets follow what Economists call “boom and bust cycles” you have to keep this in mind and forget about permanent profits.

The market is going to rise sometimes, and it is going to fall at other times, never forget this simple but crucial fact.

2. It will Come Back When it comes to the state of the market but NO

Alot of traders always assume that “it will come back up” or “it will go back down.” This is a major pitfall that must be avoided. No one wants to lose but the reality is that, there must always be a gain and a loss.

The antidote to this syndrome is found in the age old saying “Tick says the Clock tick, tick, what you have to do, do quick” in the crypto space there are simply no guarantees, only opportunities, real fleeting opportunities.

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