Why Baby Dodge price falls despite massive popularity

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The Baby Dodge coin is doing great in the market but the price keep falling.

On Monday LATOKEN, the leading platform for complaint multi asset tokenization, declared the listing of Baby Dodge coin, a meme cryptocurrency that holds real world utility in its pipeline.

After the listing, the coin surpassed an astonishing 1,075,000 holders. According to BscScan data, the current total holder count for the coin stands at 1,078,614.

Checking the whalestats data, the top 1000 BNB wallets are holding a total of 45,378,909,896,062 Baby Dodge Coins valued at $92,953 USD Whalestats data track, the 1000 largest Binance Smart Chain wallets (the whales) and is powered by Etherscan BscScan, FTMScan, Polygonscan, Coingeoko and Covalent.

Along with the holders count, BabyDodge Coins Twitter followers also jumped from 623k to 648.4k within the period of four days.

This fact shows the coin is gaining popularity and growing in demand.

Meanwhile, the price of the BabyDodge coin is trading at -70.9% down from it’s all time high price of $0.000000005890 USD registered on 4th July, 2021.

Reasons why the BabyDodge Coin keeps falling:

This is because of the market coin Cap supply verification issue, which the team behind the coin is facing for at least 6 months, exactly when it hit it’s all time high price.

However, the BabyDodge coin team noted through a tweet on Tuesday that the issue seems to be a conflict of interest with the Coinmarjetcap team as many projects and exchanges like crypto.com face similar centralization issues from CMC. from time to time.

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