Prisca Nal reveals personal impact on debut single “Whistling Love”

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Prisca Ndak Alejileo popularly known as Prisca Nal is an uncommon Nigerian Singer, serial entrepreneur and writer.

The 8th August born genius has been making alot of moves in her music carreer, and coming up with her debut single “Whistling Love” which she said is dedicated to all Nigerians specially, and to all humans on Earth.

Prisca Nal on her music, said “My debut single, titled ‘Whistling Love’ reflects the things happening in the world today. The lyrics are a direct message to everyone, cutting across the youths, children, political leaders, church leaders, parents and all humans in the world.

“It’s a song that says it all in my expression, the killing, shooting, hating, beefing, cheating, terrorist, bandits and alot. Just one word, love can wipe all that away. Yeah! and we can, if we wish, we will”

Talking on where she sees her music in a few years time, she said; ” I foresee more Nigerian artist ruling the music world and African music taking over, like you see already Afrobeats is on the forefront of music worldwide. And we have the greatest Afro music Legend and founder – Fela Kuti, to thank for that, and the king of Afrobeats – Wizkid also for taking Afrobeat to the world. And also the efforts of other artists like Asa, Davido, 2face, Burns boy etc. I believe in some years to the Nigerian music and African music would be greater because, Nigeria have the most talented and creative youths”

Prisca Nal music is noted for carrying important and motivational messages for the people. And her poems are not left out which points directly to political, justice and life with rich content and messages.

The uncommon musical artist – Prisca Nal added “My music is the lyrics before the sound, my message is in the voice” she said.


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