Nigeria ranked 154 out of 180 on global CPI list

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Nigeria on the corruption list ranked 154 out of 180 on the 2021 global corruption perception index (CPI) conducted by transparency international.

The result was released today in Abuja by the transparency international representative in Nigeria. The civil Society Legislative advocacy center (CISLAC) said; the result is based in on methodological study..

Auwal Musa Rafsanjani – an executive of the CISLAC, stated that claims by the Government on fighting corruption has not yielded much results, as natural processes such as passport application, job opportunities and more are almost impossible to do without bribing of officials.

He added that, the endemic corruption is part of what is causing underdevelopment in the Nigeria plus insecurity, high unemployment and others.

“The CPI aggregate data from eight different sources, that provide perceptions by country experts and business people on the level of corruption in the public sector.

“While the index does not show specific incidences of corruption in the country, it indicates the perception of corruption in Nigeria. The index is completely impartial, objective and globally acknowledged as the most widely used across country parameter for measuring corruption” Rafsanjani explained.

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