Elneni of Arsenal demands to get more active play time

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Mohamed Elneny might leave Arsenal if he fails to get more active play time under Mikel Arteta.

  • Mohammed led Egypt to the final of the concluded Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2022.
  • He played in all five matches in AFCON, and accordingly.
  • He might consider leaving Arsenal if he does not make the first 11.

In an interview with Ahmed Hossam Mido Elneny said;

  • “I have a dream and I will not give it up.”
  • “I see myself able to be in the starting 11, but if I saw that the difference between me and my colleagues in Arsenal was too big, I would leave immediately, I’m not stubborn.”
  • “When UNAI EMERY was the coach, I left for Besiktas due to the feeling that the coach wouldn’t give me a chance” the midfielder added. That was in 2019/2020.


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