Prisca Nal talks unity on music, says “Is the only sound that can bring unity anywhere”

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Prisca Alejileo popularly known as Prisca Nal, is a Nigerian artiste, writer and a serial entrepreneur.

The singer has posted on her Instagram handle describing what music is, in  relation to unity, mental health and beauty.

Prisca Nal wrote;

“Music is a therapeutic remedy to mental health.

“It is basically an art of sound and the only sound that can bring unity anywhere.

She went further to say; “Music is made by harmony, rhythm and melodies, expressing emotions and ideas.

The talented Nigerian singer adds on the beauty and uniqueness of musical sounds and vocals.

“The unique art combines instrumental and vocal sounds to create beautiful compositions.

The whistling Love star reveals how music is beneficial to the mind, mental health and depressed persons.

“Music is of benefit to mental health by

  • *It’s stimulative effects on the impulse through the nerves,
  • *Modulating neurotransmitters,
  • *Makes you calm,
  • *boost mental clarity,
  • *Enhances your mind,
  • *Enhances emotional stability,
  • *Relaxing effect, *Aids sleep,
  • *It dynamically inspires the depressed, heart broken, lost soul” she added.

See below post as posted on her official Instagram page;

The Queen Said, music is the only sound that can bring unity. What’s your opinion on that statement?


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One thought on “Prisca Nal talks unity on music, says “Is the only sound that can bring unity anywhere””

  • Music is truly an instrument of unity. It is accepted globally anywhere no matter where or continent the sounds are coming from. I strongly agree with this one. Queen Priscanal🌟

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