How to treat and control excessive sweating

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A certain amount of sweating is normal for everyone.

Excessive sweating is definitely abnormal and should be investigated medically if you experience it.

Many people are troubled with cold, wet hands and feet, especially when under nervous strain.

Excessive moisture on the skin always raise the possibility of further infection with fungus and bacteria, especially on the feet, around the genital areas and under the armpits.

If the armpits and groins are also involved, strong objectionable odours may arise. These odours usually arise from the breakdown of sweat and cellular debris, due to the action of germs on the skin.


  • Make a thorough search for the cause.
  • A complete physical examination is always advisable to rule out the presence of some other disorder that should be corrected.
  • For localized areas, apply potassium permanganate compresses three times a day. Then apply some good drying talcum powder.
  • Frequent bathing is advisable for anyone who is troubled with objectionable skin odours.
  • Scrupulous cleanliness is essential to health.
  • In some people merely having the hair from under the arms may relieve the problem.
  • For those who are troubled with persistent odours, try this excellent deodorant. Apply neomycin solution, 0.5 percent once or twice daily to the armpits and groins.
  • Any good germicidal soap, such as Cinthol, will help to reduce the number of germs and to relieve the condition.



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