Everything you need to know about the Mara Ambassador Program

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Mara is Africa’s portal into the crypto economy.

Mara is a Crypto exchange company building financial infrastructure, a centralized crypto exchange, a lending platform, NFT marketplace, and other products, to fully bring Sub-Saharan Africa into the new world of decentralized finance, ownership, and creativity.

Click here to sign up for Mara, input your email, Download the app, verify email, input your data and verify phone number. Congrats your welcome to the MaraVerse!

OR Download Mara wallet app from play store or iOS store and use this sign up (Referall) code: XWWWIS  👈 copy the code XWWWIS and paste in the box provided for referal code.

The Mara community is for crypto and blockchain lovers, enthusiasts, and people who want to partake in the crypto economy. It provides a platform that allows them to connect with one another, exchange ideas, and collaborate to solve common problems while growing together.

The community pursues all activities necessary to keep its members engaged and successful within the cryptoeconomy, emerging tech, blockchain and Web 3.0.

The community takes pride on creating an inclusive environment where everyone and anyone interested in web 3.0 can thrive — from beginner developers, traders to experienced professionals — all are welcome to join.

Who is a Mara Community Member?

The Mara community brings together both technical and non-technical individuals and groups. The community is all encompassing and is envisaged as a space to learn, collaborate and ideate.

Join the Mara discussion for more details on WhatsApp

The community can include, but is not limited to, the following groups:

– Developers

By leading or joining a Mara Developer Community, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills in a variety of formats. You’ll also meet local developers virtually or in person with similar interests. You will get to build web3 applications, can apply to fellowship or upskill yourself while working on fun projects.

– Cryptoeconomy Enthusiasts

A global network of crypto enthusiasts, experts, influencers, and thought leaders who are active in the space, are natural mentors, and contribute to the wider financial literacy ecosystem.

– Mara Ambassadors; leading a Mara Community

Mara Ambassadors organize their particular communities (developers or cryptoeconomy enthusiasts) for the following groups:

– Students

If you are a student, you can learn more about being a campus captain Here


You can be a Mara Ambassador to lead your local chapter, city, neighborhood, or a special Mara Community related to your particular interests. For instance a focused Mara Women Community.

The Mara Ambassador is the hub for all activity in their location or chosen community. Captains are supported to hold events, lead classes and create awareness about web3, blockchain and the cryptoeconomy as a whole.

Becoming a Mara Ambassador

Mara is excited to welcome crypto and web3 leaders as ambassadors. This is a fantastic chance for anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, or web3.

Mara gives you a chance to build a robust community of like-minded individuals, learn and share important skills, and keep up with current and future crypto trends. Our Ambassadors may use this to make a difference in Africa, and the wider crypto ecosystem.

Our goal is to increase economic freedom for Africans, and we want to bring on board a large and diverse group of people who are all working toward these objectives.

Qualificationsfor the Program

Individuals with a wide range of abilities are needed. You must be 18 years of age or older and live in Nigeria or Kenya to be eligible.We are looking for individuals who:

Enjoy connecting and bringing people together
Are crypto curious
Have great communication skills
Know what the cryptocurrency business and blockchain technologies are all about.
You should enjoy working with others and collaborating.
Develop fresh ideas and show your creativity with enthusiasm.
Application to the Mara Ambassador Program is now open

If you would like to lead a Mara Community of any description, first you have to be a Mara member by:

a. Signing up and downloading the Mara wallet app, and verify your email and phone number. Click here to to sign up.

b. Filling the Champions registration form. Click to fill on the telegram channel.

c. Filling the Ambassador form.

d. Get to work and get paid.

Join Mara channel on Telegram


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